Just a simple blog by Zarch (of Triflex+Addonic on the Amiga and of Danish Science on the c64) while hustling around with my Commodore systems in this century. I created this fast blog simply to scribble down the problem solving and hopefully solutions I am finding while re-discovering the joy of setting up and configuring my Commodore Amiga systems again. There might be sneaking a bit of Commodore 64 stuff in here aswell 🙂

I am sorry in advance for any typos or weird sounding sentences, I am not going to proof read very much on this, but just quickly make my notes when I have something to add 😉

Back in 1984, I was blessed to finally get my hands on my own Commodore 64 home computer. I still have it, and I still use it to have a trip down memory lane once in a while. The same goes for the Amiga. I got my first Amiga 500 in 1989, and since then I was addicted to that machine.

I upgraded to the Amiga 1200, and a few years later I got a special deal directly from Commodore Scandinavia in Denmark to get myself a beautiful Amiga 4000/EC030.

Today I still own my old computers, and added a few extras which I missed out owning in my youth.

The flagship is still my Amiga 4000, which was however upgraded back in the 90’ies with a Micronik tower, Cyberstorm 060, CyberSCSI MKII, Cybervision 64, ArXon Scandoubler, Ariadne NIC. Back then it was also equipped with a MAC/PC Emplant card (which I sold, since the PC part was not really fast for anything else than plain DOS, and the MAC part did not seem any faster than Shapeshifter emulation) and a MultiFaceCard III.

A bit more about me can be found here…