Wordworth 6.0 / 7.0 won’t start

This one took me a few days to figure out. It constantly crashed after starting the program, while attempting to load the fonts.

After using Snoopdos to try and see what it was doing, I could see that it was not able to load certain fonts – even though there was no errors during my installation to Work: and this was done on a fresh installation.

My configuration has a SCSItoSD (MicroSD) card with a 16Gb ADATA MicroSD card split into a 1GB and 15GB partition, 1GB being Workbench: and 15GB being Work:

On my IDE cable, I have a IDE to CF adapter with another 16GB Sandisk CF card, which I have split into 2 x approx. 1.9GB and 2 x 6GB.

I found various posts online with a similar problem, but nobody could really give a solution to why it was not working, and this problem also occured on older systems such as OS3.9.

There is a binary Wordworth config file, which has all locations of the fonts and things hardcoded into it; some of them can be changed within Wordworth Prefs, but that only works if Wordworth can actually start up. I tried changing the paths using a hex editor – it did not do any good either.

I found 3 reasons why Wordworth did not install and work:
Incompatible partition size. I constantly installed it on my 15GB Work: drive – unfortunately it turns out Wordworth hates any partitions above 2GB. When I installed Wordworth on my 1.9GB partition, it suddenly worked perfect!

So, maybe I could just move it to the 15GB partition afterwards? Unfortunately not. As described above, the path seems hardcoded, and I did not find a way to change it. Maybe there is a way, but my attempts to change it by hex editor or by assigns did not turn out successful.

The last reasons why it did not install, was that you can not install it as a Novice user. You need to select either Intermediate or Expert. But you mayb have a hard time to even get that choice, because you have to use an older C:Installer than the one provided with Workbench 3.1.4 and 3.9. I grabbed the Installer from my Workbench 3.1 installation.

Now I have 3 Installers in my C: drawer – the default one is the version provided with 3.1.4; and then I have one named C:Installer39 (from Workbench 3.9) and C:Installer31 (from Workbench 3.1)

If any older software fails to run the installation, I just pop up the tooltype (Right AMIGA+I) and change the default tool to either Installer39 or Installer31 and try again. Usually that does the trick.

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