Napalm by Clickboom won’t start – rtgmaster library not found..

It took me quite a while to get this one up and running on my A4000 system – I constantly got a nerving blinking requester telling me that there was no RTG library to be found – so I was never able to select my screenmode/resolution because of that.

I fetched and installed that several times, and it did not help at all.

While searching for a solution online, I stumbled across somebody who had the same issue, however, he fixed it, but did not really know how. He just mentioned that he had removed all the RTGmaster files and installed it again, and suddenly it worked… that did not do the trick in my case.

SnoopDOS did not give me any hints, so I started to compare the content of the copied files between the RTG library archieve I had extracted from Aminet and the content which was actually copied to my Workbench libs: during running the installation.

It turned out that 1 little nasty file did not get copied while running the installation script from the RTG library archive:

I copied the rtgextra.library to libs: – and boom! – the screenmode requester popped up – and the game is running.

Prior to that, it is important that you have a working P96/Picasso96 and AHI installation.

The CDROM driver must ofcourse also be working. Since I am now using WB I am using the build-in CD filesystem. I was a happy AsimCDFS user for decades, but so far, it seems like the build in CD driver of OS does the job just fine.

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