AHI 4.18 – prefs is not starting up and keeps saying tocatta.library 12 is missing..

I fetched AHI 4.18 from Aminet – and ran the installer and thought it was all happy-land.. but no…. 🙂

In order to get this working, you need the following packages:



Start by extracting bgui12 and install it. Then extract ahiusr + ahidrv – and run the installer provided with ahiusr. When it is done, you can extract ahi-paula which is the latest updated paula driver for AHI. Just copy the content of it to your SYS: partition replacing the content in those 2 folders in DEVS:

If you happen to have a Toccata card like me, extract toclib12 and copy the new tocatta.library to libs: – and the nerving requester for it is goooone.

This fixed audio issues I had with Quake, Napalm, Genetic Species and other games which were failing to utilise AHI since my installation was not done properly at first. I could not find this in the AHI doc, I did not find anywhere mentioned that I needed BGUI for example. SnoopDOS told me 🙂

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