MagicWB colors looks weird.. and I can’t see icon previews in DirOpus

If you are like me, you probably have alot of old programs and tools installed on different partitions, where many of them came with sweet little MagicWB icons. Then came NewIcons, GlowIcons and all that stuff and replaced some of it – at least on my A4000/060 beast, it feels OK to use all that eyecandy, and I keep it a bit more tidy and basic on my A500, A1200 etc.

Anyway, when you do a new installation of Workbench, the colorpalette corrupts the MagicWB colors. However, a very easy way to fix this is to install:

.. and download my prefs file:

Install FullPallette, click open and select my prefs file. I have fixed the colors to the WBpalette (color 4+5+6+7) and locked those colors in Fullpalette so that they can not be changed by accident.

While we are at it, get the IconLib aswell – it will fix your ability to show icons, for instance when you double click them in DirOpus and they show a preview of them. Get it here:

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