128Mb RAM/Memory upgrade on my Amiga 4000 with Phase5 Cyberstorm 060

Back in the 90’ies this would have been a piece of cake for me. I was used to sell and build hundreds of PC systems based on 30pins and later 72pins SIMM modules. I honestly forgot alot of details about ns/nanosecond speed, EDO and all that stuff since then. It becamse obsolete, and I had no use for it… until.. I decided it was time to max out my Cyberstorm card.

The A4000/EC030 motherboard itself is a bit more critical to which memory modules you slip into those DIMM sockets, but the Cyberstorm is however less picky. I already had a mix of 3 different types of 72pin in it, so now it was just a question about sourcing some modules and keeping my fingers crossed that it would work.

I checked various dealers, and alot of them was quite expensive. I also asked a couple of old friends if they maybe had any modules hidden in their retro stash, but it seemed like they only had 1 and 4Mb modules just like myself.

Amazon was my friend, and I ended up finding a dealer in Germany and buying:
4 x 32MB PS/2 EDO 5V SIMM RAM Double Sided 60ns 72-Pin non-Parity VIS VG2617405EJ-6

I just installed them on my Cyberstorm card, and Workbench immediately happily showed that I now got 132MB of FAST RAM (4MB onboard + 128MB on the Cyberstorm)

Ran a burn-in memory using the awesome Amiga Test Kit 1.5 for half a day, all passed flawlessly 🙂

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