Napalm by Clickboom won’t start – rtgmaster library not found..

It took me quite a while to get this one up and running on my A4000 system – I constantly got a nerving blinking requester telling me that there was no RTG library to be found – so I was never able to select my screenmode/resolution because of […]

Out of Range signal – Cybervision64 and P96/Picasso96 with BenQ BL702A

My good old ArXon Scandoubler was becoming very shaky, not always giving me a signal or not. I decided to get myself one of the nice BenQ BL702A monitors which are compatible with 15Hz. My model was purchased from the Danish online shop, – and I can […]

Wordworth 6.0 / 7.0 won’t start

This one took me a few days to figure out. It constantly crashed after starting the program, while attempting to load the fonts. After using Snoopdos to try and see what it was doing, I could see that it was not able to load certain fonts – even […]

Commodore Amiga in 2019

Back in 1984, I was blessed to finally get my hands on my own Commodore 64 home computer. I still have it, and I still use it to have a trip down memory lane once in a while. The same goes for the Amiga. I got my first […]