Amiga 3000 fan change, SCSI2SD and Etherbridge via A2286

Finally I found a bit of time to get back into setting up another system of mine – the legendary Amiga 3000. To me the Amiga 3000 always stands out as the most beautiful Amiga in so many ways – but back in the days, I started out […]

Changing to a lownoise PSU fan in my Amiga 2000

All original PSU’s in the big box Amiga’s are from a time when lownoise fans was not really something we cared about yet. Although my initial love for the Amiga 2000 definitely came from the sound of the fan and the ticking noisy XT drive, making it seem […]

Cleaning up my Commodore 128

It was time to give some love to my C128. Originally this system belonged to our coder, Wiz of Danish Science. Probably around a few decades ago when he got busy with life, family, kids etc. he decided to bring all his stuff to my place, knowing that […]

Backing up my 1989 Amiga 2000 XT Harddrive

Back in 1990 one of my neighbours called me up. He just got home from a 140km back and forth roadtrip to Eurotrade in Aarhus, Denmark – among one of the big Amiga dealers back in the days here in Denmark. For years we had already been having […]

Storytime – Amiga 500 “upgrade” with legendary Hi-Tek chicken-lips keyboard

The year is 1987, and I am still a kid. One of my neighbours is probably 6-7 years older than me, and we hang out quite often playing around with our C64. Most guys in our small city just play games, occasionally we also do that, but we […]

128Mb RAM/Memory upgrade on my Amiga 4000 with Phase5 Cyberstorm 060

Back in the 90’ies this would have been a piece of cake for me. I was used to sell and build hundreds of PC systems based on 30pins and later 72pins SIMM modules. I honestly forgot alot of details about ns/nanosecond speed, EDO and all that stuff since […]

MagicWB colors looks weird.. and I can’t see icon previews in DirOpus

If you are like me, you probably have alot of old programs and tools installed on different partitions, where many of them came with sweet little MagicWB icons. Then came NewIcons, GlowIcons and all that stuff and replaced some of it – at least on my A4000/060 beast, […]

AHI 4.18 – prefs is not starting up and keeps saying tocatta.library 12 is missing..

I fetched AHI 4.18 from Aminet – and ran the installer and thought it was all happy-land.. but no…. 🙂 In order to get this working, you need the following packages: Start by extracting bgui12 and install it. Then extract ahiusr + ahidrv – and run the […]

Network printing from my Amiga 4000 to a modern Lexmark CS410n

As a kid, how would I ever have imagined one day owning a color laser printer? They costed a fortune back then – way more than I could afford. I paid less than 400 DKR for this full-blown Lexmark CS410n color laser printer, brand new. Too good a […]

Commodore A2386SX PC Bridgeboard

As a poor student back in the mid 90´ies I always thought about getting my hands on this card – simply because it would be awesome to show those PC-fanboys at school how my Amiga would be superior. Running PC-Task, even with an accelerated CPU, did not quite […]